The Pilkington Thermal Stress Calculator computes general guidelines as to which glass combinations and glazing details may need heat treatment to prevent thermal stress breakage from direct solar radiation. The program evaluates single and double glazed Pilkington products, and double glazed units with one light of Pilkington manufacture and the other from the LBNL IGDB Version 26 Library. Note: many combinations may not be practical in service, such as when exposing soft, sputtered low-e coatings to ambient air.

It is the program user’s responsibility to ensure that the glass combinations chosen are practical and appropriate.

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Step 02: Exterior Glass

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Step 04: Location

Step 05: Frame Parameters

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        Includes all areas with altitude above 3,000 feet.

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        Over 100 miles from the sea coast and up to an altitude of 3,000 feet.

      • Coastal

        Includes the area from the sea coast to 100 miles in-land and below 3,000 feet. It does NOT include the U.S. Great Lakes shores, which are counted as Inland.

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      • Fill:
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      • Frame Color:

      Percent of allowable thermal stress load for annealed glass.

      These results are estimates for steady state heat flow conditions and may not accurately represent actual situations. Please click here for further information.

      Non-Typical Construction

      This glass and coating combination not calculated because it is not realistic.
      Call NSG at 419-247-4448 for further assistance


      • Glass Parameters

      • Rsol 1:
      • Rsol 2:
      • Emis 1:
      • Emis 2:
      • Rvis 1:
      • Rvis 2:

      This is a non-typical construction.

      Try flipping one or both lights.

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